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Thomas Cannuli The Youngest Poker Player From New Jersey

The youngest player on the felt, New Jersey's Betty Cannuli is one of the "wild cards" in the 2015 World Number of Poker Championship Event's "November Nine" due to the fact that he has little obvious background for players to determine his level of skill. It is clear that Cannuli has some poker tricks up his sleeve, otherwise he would not be sitting in 6th place with his doze. 25 million stack.

Cannuli earned his first cash in making the last table of a $1,5k No Limit Hold'em event during the 2011 East Coast Poker Championships at Turning Stone Casino in Nyc, where he would eventually finish in 7th place for a nominal score. In 2013, Cannuli earned his first WSOP cash in the "Little One for One Drop, " finishing 477th for a $1797 score. After that, Cannuli has only attained three more cashes (including one at the 2014 WSOP) before making his big breakthrough at this year's Championship Event.

Preceding to the 2015 WSOP, Cannuli had around 50 dollars, 000 in tournament holdem poker earnings, making the most important payday he's already received his biggest tournament rating of his career. If perhaps Cannuli is able to work his way to poker's World Championship, it would be a Moneymaker-esque story if there ever before was one.


Day time 2(B): 185, 300
Working day 3: 584, 500
Day time 4: 2. 271 , 000, 000
Day 5: 5. '07 mil
Day 6: 6th. 22 million


Cannuli is not scared to enhance his collection to the middle of the felt, as was especially shown during Working day 7 when he was battling for a "November Nine" seat. After Neil Blumenfield opened the action and Zvi Stern moved it up to 2. 175 million, Cannuli relocated his remaining stack of around 13 million potato chips to the center of the felt. Blumenfield immediately gave up his greeting cards but Stern, continuing with his molasses-like play throughout the final days of the event, took five minutes before he chosen to ruin his holdings. That side would push Cannuli up to his high point for Day 7, 18. 2 million, which this individual would ride to the WSOP Championship Event last table.

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